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Browse Essays. Show More. Therefore, concluding that the description of a character directly relates to his tale and its credibility, in his introduction to the Franklin, Chaucer foreshadows, by illustrating the his purity, that the Franklin will have a very powerful and meaningful tale to share with the pilgrims and to the reader.

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Before the Franklin begins his story, he lets the whole travelling body know that he is not incredibly skilled in the art of rhetoric, and therefore his tale will not be as engaging as some of the others were. Colors of rhetoric are the superfluous detail and style of speech.

The Franklin is indicating that while grave detail and listener involvement may make his speech more appealing to the group, his tale exists not to only entertain them, but to teach them a very important lesson too. The Clerk is introduced by mention of the near-emaciated thinness of both he and his horse.

Essays on The Canterbury Tales

For the humble Clerk, learning is his Panzarella 2 main priority. He spends his every penny on books and learning and diligently prays for the souls of those who give aid in funding his devotions.

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In the General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales it mentions that he had been studying for a lengthy period of time, they mention as well that he both learned and taught gladly, this suggests that he is no longer an undergraduate student, but a graduate student working towards his M. The mere fact that the poor Clerk finished his undergraduate studies and continued to work toward his Master Degree is testament enough to his dedication without the mention of his eagerness to both learn and teach.

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The tale the clerk tells is about virtue and dedication which gives one an idea of where his values lay Rossignol,. Panzarella 3. Where or, more importantly, from whom Chaucer received inspiration for the Clerk, or any of his other fellow pilgrims, one could only guess, perhaps from his family or close friends or just perhaps they were created from what Chaucer felt were his own virtues and shortcomings.

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