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RQ1: Should we use non-parametric or parametric statistics for fault prediction?

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Figure A. Second, it will highlight the major challenges and opportunities of iterative processes and describe how historical data can support FP. Moreover, suggestions are given on the outlook of a FPMM useful in such iterative processes. Finally, the thesis will discuss and analyze how FP can be integrated beneficially into processes currently used in industry and provide recommendations for further activities. Research Methodology The thesis involves different research approaches: First, a literature study is conducted to gain a fundamental understanding of statistical models and their use for FP.

The same will be applied in order to understand the characteristics of iterative processes. Both is used to investigate in literature possibly existing FFPMs for iterative processes.

This approach is suitable as a lot of research work is already available related to both areas. The literature study embraces existing articles, books and web resources if appropriate. Here, it is noteworthy that a literature study can be time-consuming and therefore, only the major research work shall be considered.

Sample computer engineering thesis proposal

Second, the use and benefit of FP shall be investigated in an industrial environment. In that context, case studies are suitable to explore the concrete problem domain. Case studies can be performed directly, for instance through interviews, and indirectly by studying e. Thereby, it is possible to consider existing data and to closely co- operate with the organization. This, in turn, will help to ensure that the study is of actual relevance.

However, it has to be considered that case studies often involve subjective data Dawson Besides, the study will be conducted in cooperation with one particular organization and target towards specific projects. Therefore, the analyses have to be carried out accurately in order to draw valid and relevant conclusions.

Time plan A Gantt chart shows the preliminary time plan for the thesis project in Figure A. Dawson, C. Fenton, N.

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Goel, A. Kruchten, P. Musa, J. Edition, AuthorHouse, Inc.. Royce, W. Stephens, L. Skip to main content. Adaptation Timing in Self-Adaptive Systems. I propose an approach that improves self-adaptation effectiveness by integrating timing considerations in a three-pronged approach: latency awareness: explicitly considers how long tactics take to execute, accounting for the delay in producing their effect. For More Information, Please Contact:. Connie Herold.

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Adaptation Timing in Self-Adaptive Systems

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Project and dissertation

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Software Engineering Project Proposal

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