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  1. Some topics that are related to courage, which could interest you
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Some topics that are related to courage, which could interest you

Bravery is a significant trait of a character and may come at hand at any life situations. It is not a secret that fear is strong negative emotion which is the result of any kind of danger.

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Although you may suffer lack of courage, sometimes it is necessary to force it out of yourself. When I pondered on the theme I recollected striking example of courage. Although the whole book covers the theme of bravery, we find the illustration of it in the very beginning. The story tells us about thirteen year-old Jonatan and his terminally ill younger brother Karl who is ten. One day a fire breaks out in their home. Thereby, Jonatan dies and Karl remains alive. I remember my feelings when I read this moment.

He was very courageous boy and his act of self-sacrifice saved his brother. You may find great amount of essays on courage containing information about people who are remarkable for their brave behavior, who sacrificed their freedom and comfort. Since ancient times courage was regarded as an integral part of a person who was powerful to confront the challenges serving for the good of others. I think courage essays should include its definition. According to Wikipedia it is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

Courage is one of virtues that reflects moral power to overcome fears. Frequently it is the ability to bear sufferings including physical pain. So, what is courage? It is the strength of the spirit which helps people to get rid of fears while doing dangerous as well as significant things. But courage is an inherent quality of few people.

Writing ideas: Literature Examples of Courage as Essay Topics

How can a fearful person become the brave one? May courage be the inherited feature of a human? To be honest, there is no direct connection between courage and inherited traits. Bravery is like the muscles of our body: constant training can help to enhance and develop it. Human actions are more substantial than circumstances.

Courage may also be something small nevertheless meaningful in our everyday life. It is manifested when a person risks his life saving others as well as a teenager confesses his fault. The kid understands that his misdeed entails punishment but still tells the truth. I think it also can be considered as demonstration of fortitude.

Courage is the responsibility for committed actions and is directed towards the good of other people. It is the ability to sacrifice yourself though gaining no benefit of it.

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It is the skill to act immediately without fear of consequences. It is the best trait of a person we can be proud of. The main character Trevor found strength to protect his classmate suffering the violence of bully schoolboys. The kid evinced great will and courage for the good of his friend.

Unfortunately, there are few such brave people. We can say that courage is conscious overcoming the discomfort despite expected unpleasant worrying and possible risks. Optionally it relates to some global exploit. Her City of Ladies has become the first of the books where feminist notes rang —she was fighting for intellectual rights of women.

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    What is Courage: Red Badge of Courage Essay | ifkidiboo.ml

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