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  1. SAT Essay Question: Does questioning authority make a society stronger?
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SAT Essay Question: Does questioning authority make a society stronger?

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How Does SAT Essay Length Affect Your Score?

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Completely practice essay writing online free

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How to Write an SAT Essay

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The revolt that Winston and Julia have questions and attempts to undermine the authority of Big Brother, something, that was extremely necessary in that supposedly "utopian" society. Winston and Julia wanted to get the message across to Big Brother that whatever the government was doing was wrong and the revolting and questioning their authority they wanted to prove the Big Brother was at fault, Big Brother's attempt to make the perfect society, a "utopia", was not being done correctly which is the why the characters had to speak and act out against Big Brother, higher authority.

Unfortunately, very few people are able to take a stance and question the doings of higher authority, but these actions are deemed necessary, in order to make sure that people's thought and say gets heard. In the novel "Fahrenheit " by Ray Bradbury, and novel "", by George Orwell, both examples are able to strong support the idea that it is vital to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority to make sure that the government is acting correctly. I rate it 3. Fiction is hardly the place to seek examples for our behavior mores.

Okay thanks for feedback. Should I have given, I guess, real life examples of issues today? Also, what other sort of higher authority should I have written about? Something less than government, like maybe the school's principal, or boss at work?

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First Name. Sometimes it is necessary to challenge what people in authority claim to be true. Although some respect for authority is, no doubt, necessary in order for any group or organization to function, questioning the people in.

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Most of us tend to accept the opinions of the authority because we believe that those who are in the position of authority are more likely to know the truth and make wise decisions. However, the people in authority can sometimes. Include details that show how people form their opinions. Hi, I'm writing my assignment on people's lifestyles and cant come up with many ideas Which of the following is NOT worthy of respect? How do you start a community? Please explain your question. Are you asking about how to start a town of people? Or a community of crayfish? Or a special interest community, such as a club or a church?

We'll be glad to help you if. Write about a time when you had to show respect for authority, even though it was difficult to do so. I need some ideas, thanks. Have you ever been angry with an authority figure -- parent, grandparent, coach, teacher, principal,. Is this alright?